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Certificate in Development Economics

Are you interested in the problem of poverty around the world?  What is the impact of globalization on growth and development?  How can we use analytical skills to understand the complex relationship between population growth and economic growth?  What are the major debates about food self-sufficiency and food security?  How do child labor and gender discrimination limit economic development?  What environmental problems are posed by economic development?

The major learning goals of the Certificate in Development Economics are to help students in the certificate program build a solid foundation of analytic skills that will enable them to better understand the challenges created by world poverty. They will better understand how economics can be used to develop policies to address the problems of poverty and the impact of globalization on growth and development.

The 15-credit Certificate in Development Economics will sharpen your understanding of some of the most pressing problems facing the global community. 

In order to declare the Certificate, the student must have successfully completed AAE 215, Econ 101, or Econ 111 or a comparable introductory economics course.

The Certificate requires 5 courses:

  1. Core AAE courses: 373 or 374; 474 – Students must take AAE 474 and one additional course from this section.
  2. Elective AAE Courses: 319, 350, 373 or 374, 462, 473, 477 – Students must take one course from this section.
  3. Other Elective Courses: Students must take one course from this section.
      1. Community and Environmental Sociology: 380, 540, 630.
      2. Economics: 364, 464, 467, 475.
      3. Geography: 339
      4. International Business: 200, 445.
      5. International Studies: 402.
      6. Political Science: 348, 350, 351.

Students must take the one remaining course from any of those listed above in a, b or c.

Course Descriptions


Overlap Limits

A student may combine this certificate with any other certificate and/or major. However, students with a major in Agricultural & Applied Economics, a major in Economics, or a major in the Politics and Policy in the Global Economy option in International Studies may count no more than six credits toward both their major requirements and the requirements for the Certificate in Development Economics.


For more information, contact:

Linda Davis
Undergraduate Student Services 
Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
427 Lorch St. #111
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