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  • Alix-Garcia, Jennifer
    Environment and development; applied microeconomics; spatial analysis

  • Barham, Bradford L.
    Technological Change; international agricultural development; Latin America

  • Coxhead, Ian
    Economics of development; globalization; trade; education; labor markets and migration; poverty; inequality; China; Vietnam; Indonesia; Thailand; Southeast Asia.

  • Du, Sheldon (Xiaodong)
    Economics of energy; commodity markets; economics of agriculture; applied econometrics.

  • Grainger, Corbett
    environmental and natural resource economics; distributional effects of environmental policies; property rights in common pool resources; political economy; applied microeconomics

  • Mitchell, Paul
    Production Economics; Risk Management; Integrated Pest Management (IPM); Resistance Management; Sustainability

  • Parker, Dominic
    Environmental and resource economics; property rights and legal institutions; resource booms; economics of law and development

  • Phaneuf, Daniel
    Environmental economics with specific expertise in non-market valuation; applied econometrics.

  • Provencher, R. William
    Environmental and resource economics, with particular emphasis on the demand side management of energy, the valuation of ecoysystem services, socio-ecological interactions, and the dynamic allocation of resources.

  • Rutherford, Thomas F.
    Energy markets; climate policy; international trade; technical change and computational economics

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