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Excerpts - Wisconsin Becoming

Wisconsin Becoming
Excerpts from Wisconsin Becoming: The Careful Creation of Prosperity
"This is a book about the creation of ideas, and how those ideas emerged out of the necessary conflict of interests and visions and accounts about how to create prosperity in Wisconsin ? and throughout the global economy."
-- From the Preface
"We have here the evolutionary story of an academic department at one of the world's truly exceptional research universities. This story is not just about any academic enterprise. It is an account of an applied economics program ? the first of its kind in the United States ? that was born and nurtured in the very best possible setting, and at the most propitious time. This fortuitous setting provided the essential spirit of committed public service that has guided the faculty and students who were fortunate to pass through our door. Equally important, as in all matters economic, timing is everything. In this case, the era of our creation offered immediate pertinence and urgency that has sustained the endeavor through a century of service to students and families ? not just in Wisconsin, but throughout the international community. Over 100 professors, several thousand undergraduates, and over 600 Ph.D. and Master's students have participated in this intellectual enterprise. Along the way, one of our Ph.D. graduates received the Nobel Prize in Economics. But that is just one small part of the story."
-- From Chapter One
"In 1909, when Henry C. Taylor founded the Department, the Cutover [the massive timber harvest in northern Wisconsin] was already a laboratory-in-waiting for economic research and extension advice. The history of the Cutover ? its natural beauty, its devastation, the failed efforts to create viable livelihoods there, its persistent poverty, its emergence as a natural asset offering boundless recreational opportunities ? can be understood as one of the defining events in Wisconsin?s history. It is from this cauldron that the Department grew and flourished in its founding imperative to create economic prosperity."
-- From Chapter Three
?Both the federal land-grant university network and the Wisconsin Idea are rooted in a notion of ?the careful creation of prosperity? Dr. Bromley describes. These remain the foundation of our scholarship and outreach efforts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As an economist myself, I am proud of the social science contributions UW scholars have made to local communities, this state and to the nation ? and the world.?
-- Dr. Rebecca Blank, Chancellor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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