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Wisconsin Becoming: The Careful Creation of Prosperity

Wisconsin Becoming

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Excerpts and commentary

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Starting When It Counts WHere It Really Counts
PART I: The Essential Setting
Chapter 2: We Are Here: The Near-Death Experience of Native Americans
Chapter 3: The Rape of the Pinery: How to Cut and Run
Chapter 4: Western Grease: Creating America's Dairyland
PART II: The World Is Our Laboratory
Chapter 6: The Problem of Market Power
  1. What is Market Power?
  2. Market Performance in Milk Pricing
  3. Cooperatives and the Performance of Markets
  4. Do Cooperatives Have Market Power?
Chapter 7: Wisconsin's Natural Gifts
  1. Protecting Scenic Habitats
  2. Land-Use Zoning of Northern Lakes
  3. Wildlife Damage on Private Land
  4. Contentious Mining
Chapter 8: Urban Sprawl, Property Taxes, and Rural Employment
  1. The Problem of Urban Sprawl
  2. The Troublesome Property Tax
  3. Rural Development and Jobs
Chapter 9: Engaging the Global Economy
  1. Land Use and Abuse
  2. Does Fair Trade Coffee Beneit the Poor?
  3. Relentless Poverty Amidst New Freedom in South Africa
  4. Highway Robbery in West Africa
PART III: Centennial Faculty
PART IV: Leadership, Faculty, Taylor-Hibbard Club, Fellows and Recipients of Ph.D. Degrees
  1. Department Chairs
  2. Faculty Over the Past Century
  3. The Taylor-Hibbard Club
  4. Fellows of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association
  5. Recipients of Ph.D. Degrees 1909-2009
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