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Staff Paper No. 390 - Abstract

Measuring Farm and Farm-related Jobs in Wisconsin - 1992

William E. Saupe
T. Alexander Majchrowicz

Staff Paper No. 390, February 1996, 32p.


The primary users of this report are expected to be extension faculty in the Agriculture/Agribusiness and Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development program areas; faculty whose research supports those program areas; and persons involved in public policy. The objectives of this paper are as follows: a) to report estimates of the number of farm and farm-related jobs in Wisconsin and Wisconsin counties in 1992, b) to discuss the concepts, rationale, and definitions used in this study, and c) to explain the process and data sources used in making the estimates in sufficient detail so that users are comfortable using the empirical results in extension and other educational activities. d) to report additional references pertaining to measuring the size of the farm and farm-related sectors.
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