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Staff Paper No. 399 - Abstract

Nonparametric Measures of the Impacts of Public Research Expenditures on Australian Broadacre Agriculture: Preliminary Results

Thomas Cox [tlcox@wisc.edu]
John Mullen
Wensheng Hu

Staff Paper No. 399, August 1996, 37p.


Nonparametric methods are used to measure the impacts of public research expenditures on Australian broadacre agriculture over the 1953-94 period. The data and methods used were unable to recover separate impacts due to extension under several alternative specifications. Preliminary results using both unrestricted and 30 year lagged specifications of the research impacts on productivity suggest that while certain aspects of the recovered multi-input/output technologies are quite robust to alternative specifications (in particular, the associated Malmquist total factor productivity indexes), other aspects are less stable (in particular, the indexes on input (and to a lesser extent, output) biased technical change).
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