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Staff Paper No. 403 - Abstract

The Socioeconomic Impacts of a Native American Casino

Amy Lake
Steven Deller [scdeller@wisc.edu]

Staff Paper No. 403, December 1996, 46p.


In this in-depth case study, input-output analysis, secondary data analysis, focus groups, and personal interviews were employed to investigate the local-level impacts of a Native American casino. Both impacts in the small, rural Midwestern town which hosts the casino and Tribal-level impacts were examined. Analysis suggests that the economic impacts in the host town are similar to those that might be associated with the introduction of any large employer. Employment and income have increased locally; business opportunities have been created; and some local public services, such as law enforcement, have been strained. The casino has also altered the character of the community, creating an atmosphere of a busy tourist center in a previously quiet, rural town. The sudden change in the financial position of the Tribal members has resulted in a variety of unresolved cultural, social, and economic difficulties. Specific conflicts have arisen between the Tribe and the local community over issues such as the tax exempt status of the trust land on which the casino is located and payments in lieu of tax. Altough the casino presents the unique opportunity for the Native American and non-Native American communities to engage in economic and community development plans together, the have not fully explored these options because of a lack of communication and understanding between the communities.
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