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Staff Paper No. 576 - Abstract

Community Level Impacts of Local Food Movements in the US, Canada & Western Europe : Annotated Bibliography

Maureen Stickel [mstickel@wisc.edu]
Steven Deller [scdeller@wisc.edu]

Staff Paper No. 576, August 2014, 56p.


Development of the local food sector has become a popular strategy employed by a range of communities in the hopes of achieving sustainable and equitable economic growth and development. Local foods describes a range of economic activities such as farmers markets, community supported agriculture engagements, urban gardening, food hubs, and intermediated marketing channels. Despite its growing importance in the policy arena, the presumptions of the local food movement remain largely untested. This literature review provides critical analysis of the current research on local food networks. A review of current work reveals that current research on local food lacks strong theoretical grounding and quantitative rigor. As community development practitioners and planners play an important role in food system design, organization, and policy, it is important for practitioners to distinguish between objective, research-based information and speculative, advocacy-oriented analysis.
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