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Staff Paper No. 570 - Abstract

Local Foods and Rural Economic Growth

Steven C. Deller [scdeller@wisc.edu]
Laura Brown [laura.brown@ces.uwex.edu]
Anna Haines [anna.haines@uwsp.edu]
Randy Fortenbery [r.fortenbery@wsu.edu]

Staff Paper No. 570, February 2014, 30p.


In this paper we explore the impact of local foods on economic growth using a Barro-type framework. We address model uncertainty by using a Spatial Bayesian Model Averaging (SMBA) approach and check for robustness of results on local foods by employing several metrics of local foods. Results suggest that higher levels of local foods weakly lead to lower levels of income growth. The results are not robust implying that our thinking about how to define and quantify local foods needs further attention.
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