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Staff Paper No. 569 - Abstract

Current Prospects for Bioenergy Crop Production on Marginal Lands: Results from a Farm Survey in Southwestern Wisconsin

Daniel Mooney [dfmooney!wisc.edu]
Brad Barham [barham@mailplus.wisc.edu]
Chang Lian [clian@wisc.edu]
Steve Ventura
Natalie Hunt
Tim Meehan
Randy Jackson

Staff Paper No. 569, July 2013, 11p.


This report describes initial findings from the 2011 Bioenergy Crop Production Study, a mail survey of active farmers in southwestern Wisconsin. Overall, the near-term prospects for widespread bioenergy crop production appear limited, primarily due to on-going commitments that these farms have to their integrated crop and livestock enterprises. However, spatial agglomerations or ‘hotspots’ of bioenergy crop production, and the lower logistical biomass collection costs that come with it, may arise in locations where attitudes towards bioenergy policy and environmental stewardship are favorable.
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