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Staff Paper No. 511 - Abstract

The Fiscal Health of Wisconsin Municipalities: An Update for 2007

Craig Maher [maher@uwosh.edu]
Steven Deller [scdeller@wisc.edu]

Staff Paper No. 511, July 2007, 15p.


A web-based survey of fiscal health was administered to Wisconsin cities and villages during the spring of 2007. A total of 200 communities responded to the survey. Of those responding, 49 percent reported that their current revenue base is inadequate and more than 64 percent responded that their fiscal condition in five years will be inadequate. Some of the strategies most actively pursued in response to fiscal stress include delaying capital expenditures, targeted budget cuts and delaying routine maintenance expenditures. Strategies least likely to be pursued include reducing hours of public facilities, eliminating services and pursuing regional cooperation agreements.
The same survey was administered in 2004 and while statistical comparisons are not permissible due to differences in responding communities, a few points are noteworthy. Compared to 2004, communities are slightly more optimistic today about their current financial condition (46 percent had adequate revenues in 2007 compared to 51 percent in 2004). Conversely, communities have dimmer prospects looking out the next five years today compared to 2004 (64 percent foresee having inadequate revenues in 2007 compared to 54 percent in 2004).
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