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Staff Paper No. 501 - Abstract

Does Small Dam Removal Affect Local Property Values? An Empirical Analysis

Bill Provencher [rwproven@wisc.edu]
Helen Sarakinos
Tanya Meyer

Staff Paper No. 501, July 2006, 18p.


This paper uses hedonic analysis to examine the impact of small dam removal on property values in South-central Wiscosin. Data on residential property sales were obtained for three categories of sites: those where a dam is intact, those where a dam was recently removed, and those where the stream has been free-flowing for at least 20 years. The primary conclusions that emerge from the data are that residential property located in the vicinity of a free-flowing stream is more valuable than identical property in the vicinity of a small impoundment, and that shoreline frontage along small impoundments confers no increase in residential property value compared to frontage along free-flowing streams.
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