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Staff Paper No. 487 - Abstract

Research and Development at U.S. Research Universities: An Analysis of Scope Economies

Kwansoo Kim
Bradford L. Barham [barham@mailplus.wisc.edu]
Jean-Paul Chavas [jchavas@wisc.edu]
Jeremy Foltz [jdfoltz@wisc.edu]

Staff Paper No. 487, July 2005, 43p.


This work investigates the presence and sources of economies of scope in R&D at U.S. research universities. The analysis evaluates the tradeoffs and synergies arising between traditional university research outputs (articles and doctorates) and academic patents. We propose a new measure of economies of scope based on a primal representation of the underlying technology. We derive a decomposition of economies of scope which identifies its sources (e.g., complementarity effects and scale effects). Non-parametric estimates of scope economies using R&D input and output data from 92 research universities show significant economies of scope between articles and patents, but modest complementarities. (JEL O3, O31, O33, C6, L31)
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