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Job Market & Placement

This page will display a list of graduate students nearing completion of their degrees who will be seeking employment in 2016-17.
PhD Students
  • Brett Close
    Primary: Environmental and Resource Economics
    Secondary: Applied Econometrics
  • Jared Gars
    Primary: Development Economics, Applied Econometrics, Industrial Organization
    Secondary: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics
  • Cornelia Ilin
    Primary: Industrial Organization
    Secondary: Applied Microeconomics
  • Travis McArthur
    Primary: Development Economics, Production Economics, Applied Econometrics
    Secondary: Trade
  • Andrew Schreiber
    Primary: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Urban Economics
    Secondary: Computational Economics
  • Srinivasan Vasudevan
    Primary: Development Economics, Political Economy
    Secondary: Behavioral Economics, Economic History, Law and Economics
  • Austin Williams
    Primary: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Health Economics
    Secondary: Applied Econometrics, Urban Economics

A historical listing of Ph.D. placements appears here.

Information on Master's placements appears here.

Job Market Information for AAE Students


Placement information collected by the Graduate School Exit Survey, 2012-present

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