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Current Research Papers

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Work in Progress:

Zeuli, Kim and Jeremy Foltz. "Ownership and Loyalty in Agricultural Cooperatives" draft January 2006

Dhar, Tirtha and Jeremy D. Foltz. "Is Soy Milk? The Economics of the Soy Milk Market" draft June 2005

Pilar Useche, B. Barham, and Jeremy Foltz "A Trait Specific Model of GM Crop Adoption among Corn Farmers in the Upper Midwest" draft June 2005

Kwansoo Kim, B. Barham, JP Chavas, and Jeremy Foltz "Research and Development at U.S. Research Universities: An Analysis of Scope Economies" in review

Foltz, Jeremy D, B. Barham, JP Chavas, and Kwansoo Kim. "Efficiency and Technical Change at US Research Universities" in review

Dhar, Tirtha and Foltz, Jeremy D. "The Impact of Intellectual Property Rights in the Plant/Seed Industry" Forthcoming in J. Kesan ed. Seeds of Change Oxon: UK: CABI Press 2006

Foltz, Jeremy D., Bradford Barham, and Kwansoo Kim. "Synergies or Tradeoffs in University Life Science Research." in review

Foltz, Jeremy D. "What's So Different About Agricultural Biotechnology: An Investigation of University Agricultural Patenting." Draft December, 2002

Gonzalez, Maria and Jeremy D. Foltz. "Differentiating Inequality by Income Source: Evidence from Rural Nicaragua",

Diallo, Boubacar and Jeremy D. Foltz. "The Dynamics of Agricultural Price Relationships in Niger."

Foltz, Jeremy D. and Bruce Larson. "Understanding Public Support for Farmland Preservation Programs: Theory and Empirical Evidence" Latest revision July, 2002.

Recent Publications:

Foltz, Jeremy D. and Kim Zeuli. "The Role of Community and Farm Characteristics in Farm Input Purchasing Patterns" Review of Agricultural Economics (Winter, 2005)Vol. 27, No.4, pp. 508-525

Dhar, Tirtha and Jeremy D. Foltz, "Milk by Any Other Name…Consumer Benefits from Labeled Milk" American Journal of Agricultural Economics 2005.

Foltz, Jeremy D. "Entry, Exit, and Farm Size: Assessing an Experiment in Dairy Price Policy." American Journal of Agricultural Economics. Forthcoming, 2004.

Foltz, Jeremy D. "Discussion: Economies of Scale and Scope in Agricultural Research" American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 85(Number 5, 2003):1283-1284.

Foltz, Jeremy D. and Gillis Lang. "The Adoption and Profitability of Rotational Grazing on Dairy Farms in Connecticut" accepted at Journal of Alternative Agriculture

Foltz, Jeremy D. "Credit Market Constraints and Profitability in Tunisian Agriculture". Forthcoming at Agricultural Economics.

Barham, Bradford, J. Foltz, D. Jackson-Smith, and S. Moon. "The Dynamics of Agricultural Biotechnology Adoption: Lessons from rBST use in Wisconsin, 1994-2001" Forthcoming American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Barham, Bradford, J. Foltz, D. Jackson-Smith, and S. Moon. "rBST use Among U.S. Dairy Farms: A Comparative Analysis from 6 States." , Forthcoming Review of Agricultural Economics

Foltz, J.D., K. Kim, and B. Barham. "A Dynamic Analysis of University Agricultural Biotechnology Patent Production." American Journal of Agricultural Economics. February, 2003: 189-197.

Barham, Bradford, Jeremy Foltz, and Sunung Moon. "rBST Adoption in the United States: A Retrospective Look at a "Juggernaut" Agricultural Biotechnology" Choices. 2002.

Barham, Bradford, Jeremy Foltz, and Kwansoo Kim. "Trends in University Ag-Biotech Patenting". Review of Agricultural Economics. Fall, 2002.

Foltz, Jeremy D. "Micro-Economic Perspectives on Tunisia's Agro-Export Strategy." Chapter 9 in H. Lofgren ed. Food, Agriculture, and Economic Policy in the Middle East and North Africa. Volume 5 of Research in Middle East Economics. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science. 2003

Foltz, Jeremy D. "The Economics of Water Conserving Technology Adoption in Tunisia: An Empirical Estimation of Fare Technology Choice." Economic Development and Cultural Change. January, 2003.

Foltz, Jeremy D. and Hsui-Hui Chang. "The Adoption of rBST on Connecticut Dairy Farms." American Journal of Agricultural Economics. November, 2002.

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