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Teaching Assistant Appointments in AAE

The department has several Teaching Assistantships available per year to teach discussion sections associated with undergraduate courses.


Hiring Criteria

All graduate students are eligible for Teaching Assistantships.  Selection will be carried out by the Director of Graduate Studies and the supervising professors and will be based on the student possessing sufficient expertise in the subject area of the course and the ability to communicate effectively to undergraduate students.  Students must be making satisfactory progress, as defined in the department’s graduate student handbook.  International students must demonstrate adequate proficiency in English.



The instructor for the course will provide a workload sheet before the beginning of the appointment.? This will be signed by the TA and the instructor and retained by the two parties.? The workload sheet is advisory.? See attached for a template.


New Teaching Assistants are required to participate in one of the TA training sessions offered by the College of Engineering, in collaboration with CALS.  See http://wendt.engr.wisc.edu/neo/ for details.

Experienced TAs participate in the Teaching Improvement Program.

TAs will receive additional pedagogical training in meetings with the faculty instructor for the course throughout the semester.


Teaching Assistants will be supervised by the professor teaching the course.  Problem areas that cannot be resolved between the TA and the professor are handled by the Graduate Committee.


New TAs will be given an early evaluation (in about the 6th week of class) via the normal departmental vehicle (web-based evaluation administered by Testing and Evaluation Services), and the results will be given to the TA and faculty instructor.? This is meant to help new TAs improve their teaching.? Experienced TAs may also receive this type of evaluation at their request or the department’s discretion.? Forty-eight hours’ notice will be given in advance of the distribution of these evaluations.

All TAs will receive evaluation by the faculty instructor in the form of classroom observation.? Ideally, this will be scheduled at the mutual convenience of the TA and the instructor, but 24 hours’ notice will be given to the TA for the first such classroom visit.? (Subsequent visits require no notice.)? The instructor will produce a written evaluation that will be given to the TA and placed in their student file. ?The instructor will also give verbal feedback following the classroom visit.


Resources for Teaching Assistants

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Resources from Other Universities

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