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FSRG publication:

Structural Changes in Food Retailing: Six Country Case Studies, edited by Kyle W. Stiegert and Dong Hwan Kim, November 2009


Kun Huang and Kyle Stiegert. Evaluating a Supermarket Merger Event: The Case of Copps and Kohl’s in Madison WI, March 2009.

Working Paper:
FSWP2008-01 An Analysis of Bundle Pricing: The Case of the Corn Seed Market, by Guanming Shi, Jean-Paul Chavas, and Kyle Stiegert (November 2008).

Issue sheets:
Potato Demand in an Organic World
With demand for organic foods rising, how do potato varieties fare?
Issue sheet 10 provides useful findings on demand and price for potatoes.

Super (Market) Prices: Impact of Supercenters and Supermarket Mergers on Food Prices
Non-traditional food retailing "supercenters" are taking market share from traditional supermarkets. In response, the supermarket industry has seen a number of large mergers and acquisitions.
Issue sheet 8 provides findings from research that shows the effect these changes are having on food prices.

Discussion paper:
Organic and Conventional Potatoes: Pricing and demand, 2000-05 (February 2007)

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    The mission of the Food System Research Group (FSRG), Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, is to support and conduct research on emerging issues regarding the economic performance of U.S. and global food and agricultural markets.