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Faculty - R. William Provencher

Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
E-Mail Address:
Telephone: (608) 262-9494
Fax: (608) 262-4376
Office Address: 519 Taylor Hall
427 Lorch St.Madison, WI  53706
Interests: Environmental and resource economics, with particular emphasis on the demand side management of energy, the valuation of ecoysystem services, socio-ecological interactions, and the dynamic allocation of resources.
Office Hours: By appointment
I am an Environmental and resource economist, with particular emphasis on the evaluation of residential energy use, and the role of policies and programs on energy demand. I am also interested in the valuation of ecosystem services, socio-ecological interactions, and the dynamic allocation of resources. I also serve as the faculty advisor for the Resource and Energy Demand Analysis program.


Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, University of California-Davis, 1984.
M.S., Environmental Studies, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Duke University, 1985.
B.S., Natural Resources, Cornell University, 1981.

Recent Papers & Publications

  • Baerenklau, Kenneth A. and Bill Provencher. November 2005. "Static Modeling of Dynamic Recreation Behavior: Implications for Prediction and Welfare Estimation " Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 50(3):617-636
  • Provencher, Bill, Dave Lewis and Kathryn Anderson. . 2012. "Disentangling Preferences and Expectations in Stated Preference Analysis with Respondent Uncertainty: The Case of Invasive Species Prevention" Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 64(2):164-182
  • Moore, Rebecca., Bill Provencher, and Richard C. Bishop. 2011. "“Valuing a Spatially-Variable Environmental Resource: Reducing Nonpoint Source Pollution in Green Bay, WI”" Land Economics (87)(1):45-59
  • Moore, Rebecca., Richard C. Bishop, Bill Provencher, and Patricia Champ. 2010. "“Accounting for Respondent Uncertainty to Improve Willingness-to-Pay Estimates” " Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics (CJAE outstanding publication, 2010) 58(3):381-401
  • Lewis, David, Bill Provencher, and Van Butsic. 2009. "“The Dynamic Effects of Open-Space Conservation Policies Residential Development Density”" Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 57:239-252
  • Provencher, Bill, Helen Sarakinos, and Tanya Meyer. 2008. "“Does Small Dam Removal Affect Local Property Values? An Empirical Analysis”" Contemporary Economic Policy 26(2):187-197
  • Liu, Jianguo, Thomas Dietz, Stephen R. Carpenter, Marina Alberti, Carl Folke, Emilio Moran, Alice N. Pell, Peter Deadman, Timothy Kratz, Jane Lubchenco, Elinor Ostrom, Zhiyun Ouyang, William Provencher, Charles L. Redman, Stephen H. Schneider, William W. . 2007. "“Complexity of Coupled Human and Natural Systems”" Science 317(Sept. 14):1513-1516
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  • Provencher, Bill, and Rebecca Moore. 2006. "“A Discussion of ‘Using Angler Characteristics and Attitudinal Data to Identify Environmental Preference Classes: A Latent-Class Model’”" Environmental and Resource Economics 34:117-124
  • McGough, Bruce, Andrew Plantinga and Bill Provencher.. 2004. "The Dynamic Behavior of Efficient Timber Prices" Land Economics 80(1):95-108.
  • Moore, Rebecca, Alex Macpherson and Bill Provencher. "A Dymamic Principal-Agent Model of Human-Mediated Aquatic Species Invasions." Dept. of Ag & App Econ. AAE Staff Paper Series University of Wisconsin-Madison
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