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Faculty - Guanming Shi

Associate Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
E-Mail Address:
Telephone: (608) 263-6250
Fax: (608) 262-4376
Office Address: 329 Taylor Hall
427 Lorch St.Madison, WI  53706
Interests: Applied microeconomics; intellectual property rights and industrial organization; production economics.
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 12:15-1:00 p.m. or by appointment
I focus on the economics of industrial organization in the U.S and China. Much of my research focuses on firms' strategic behavior under imperfect competition including pricing, product offering, and intellectual property protection, with applications to biotechnology and innovation in the genetically modified seed industry. I am also interested in the adoption, profitability and impact of genetically modified crops, and emerging issues related to environment and development in developing economy.


Ph.D., Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Berkeley, 2005
M.S., Community Development and Applied Economics, University of Vermont, 1999
B.S., International Finance, Fudan University, 1995

Recent Papers & Publications

  • Ma, Xingliang and Guanming Shi. 2015. "A Dynamic Adoption Model with Bayesian Learning: An Application to U.S. Soybean Farmers" Agricultural Economics 46(1):25-38
  • Chavas, Jean Paul, and Guanming Shi. 2015. "An Economic Analysis of Risk and Agricultural Technology" Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 40(1):43-79
  • Shi, Guanming, Jean Paul Chavas, Joeseph Lauer, and Elizabeth Nolan. 2013. "An Analysis of Selectivity in the Productivity Evaluation of Biotechnology" American Journal of Agricultural Economics 95(3):739-754
  • Shi, Guanming, Jean Paul Chavas and Joseph Lauer. 2013. "Commercialized Transgenic Traits, Maize Productivity and Yield Risk" Nature Biotechnology 31:111-114
  • Shi, Guanming and Carl Pray. 2012. "Modeling Agricultural Innovation in a Rapidly Developing Country: The Case of Chinese Pesticide Industry" Agricultural Economics 43:377-388
  • Shi, Guanming, and Jean-Paul Chavas. 2012. "Market Concentration and the Analysis of Vertical Market Structure" International Journal of Marketing Studies 4(1):2-6
  • Shi, Guanming, Carl Pray, and Wenhui Zhang. 2012. "Effectiveness of Intellectual Property Protection: Survey Evidence from China" Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 41(3):286-297
  • Shi, Guanming, Jean Paul Chavas, Kyle Stiegert and Xiangyi Meng. 2012. "An analysis of bundle pricing: the case of biotech seeds" Agricultural Economics 43:125-139
  • Shi, Guanming, Jean-Paul Chavas. 2011. "The Effects of Vertical Organization on the Pricing of Differentiated Products" Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 36(3):448-464
  • Shi, Guanming, Kyle Stiegert, Jean-Paul Chavas. 2011. "An Analysis of Pricing in Horizontal and Vertical Markets: The Case of U.S. Cotton Seed Market" Agricultural Economics 42:77-88
  • Shi, Guanming, Jean-Paul Chavas, Kyle Stiegert. 2010. "An Analysis of the Pricing of Traits in the U.S. Corn Seed Market" American Journal of Agricultural Economics 92(5):1324-1338
  • Stiegert, Kyle, Guanming Shi, Jean-Paul Chavas. 2010. "Innovation, Integration, and Biotech Revolution: The Case of U.S. Seed Markets" Choices 25(2)
  • Shi, Guanming. 2009. "Bundling and Licensing of Genes in Agricultural Biotechnology" American Journal of Agricultural Economics 91(1):264-274
  • Shi, Guanming, Jean-Paul Chavas, Kyle Stiegert . 2009. "Pricing of Herbicide Tolerant Soybean Seeds: A Market Structure Approach" AgBioForum 12(3-4):326-333
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