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Faculty - Fengxia Dong

Associate Scientist
E-Mail Address:
Telephone: (608) 262-7359
Fax: (608) 262-4376
Office Address: 223 Taylor Hall
427 Lorch St.Madison, WI  53706
Interests: agricultural sustainability, production economics, food safety, and bioenergy economics
I am an applied economist working on issues in agricultural production, management, and marketing. I have been working on an extensive range of topics related to dairy market, food safety, agricultural sustainability, and bioenergy. My current work focuses on dairy farm management and efficiency, farm’s sustainable practice adoption and sustainability measurement, and organic farming and product marketing. Besides U.S. agricultural markets, I also have particular interests in China’s rural issues.

Recent Papers & Publications

  • Dong,F., P. Mitchell, T. Hurley, and G. Frisvold. 2016. "Quantifying Adoption Intensity for Weed Resistance Management Practices and Its Determinants among U.S. Soybean, Corn, and Cotton Farmers" Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 41(1):42-61
  • Volpe, R., T. Park, H. Jensen, and F. Dong. 2016. "Somatic Cell Counts in Dairy Marketing: Quantile Regression for Count Data" European Journal of Agricultural Economics 43(2):331-58
  • Dong, F., D. Hennessy, H. Jensen, and R. Volpe. 2016. "Technical Efficiency, Herd Size and Exit Decisions in U.S. Dairy Farms" Agricultural Economics
  • Dong, F., P. Mitchell, V. Davis, R. Recker. 2016. "Impact of Atrazine Prohibition on the Sustainability of Weed Management in Wisconsin Corn Production" Pest Management Science
  • Du, X., and F. Dong. 2016. "Responses to market information and the impact on price volatility and trading volume: the case of Class III milk futures" Empirical Economics 50:661-678
  • Silva, E., F. Dong, P. Mitchell, and J. Hendrickson. 2015. "Impact of Marketing Channels on Perceptions of Quality of Life and Profitability for Wisconsin’s Organic Vegetable Farmers" Renewable Agriculture and Food System 30(5):428-438
  • Dong, F., P. Mitchell, J. Colquhoun. 2015. "Measuring Farm Sustainability Using Data Envelope Analysis with Principal Components: The Case of Wisconsin Cranberry" Journal of Environmental Management 147(1):175-183
  • Dong, F., P. Mitchell, D. Knuteson, J. Wyman, A. Bussan, and S. Conley. 2015. "Assessing Sustainability and Improvements in U.S. Midwestern Soybean Production Systems Using a PCA-DEA Approach." Renewable Agriculture and Food System
  • Huang, J., Y. Wu, Z. Yang, S. Rozelle, J. Fabiosa, and F. Dong. 2012. "Marketing China's milk: A case study of the sales activity of dairy farmers in greater Beijing" China Economic Review 23(3):675-689
  • Dumortier, J., D. Hayes, M. Carriquiry, F. Dong, X. Du, A. Elobeid, J. Fabiosa, P. Martin and K. Mulik. 2012. "The effects of potential changes in United States beef production on global grazing systems and greenhouse gas emissions" Environmental Research Letters 7(2)
  • Dong, F., J. Lu, and A. Featherstone. 2012. "Effects of Credit Constraints on Household Productivity in Rural China" Agricultural Finance Review 72(3):402-415
  • Dong, F., D. Hennessy, and H. Jensen. 2012. "Factors Determining Milk Quality, and Implications for Production Structure Under SCC Standard Modification" Journal of Dairy Science 95(11):6421-6435, highlighted article
  • Du, X., F. Dong, D. Hayes, and T. Brown. 2011. "Assessment of Environmental Impacts Embodied in U.S.-China and U.S.-India Trade and Related Climate Change Policies" American Journal of Agricultural Economics 93(2):537-544
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  • Dong, F. and F. Fuller. 2010. "Dietary Structural Change in China’s Cities: Empirical Fact or Urban Legend?" Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 58(1):73-91
  • Huang, J., Y. Wu, Z. Yang, S. Rozelle, J. Fabiosa and F. Dong. 2010. "Farmer Participation, Processing and the Rise of Dairy Production in Greater Beijing, P. R. China" Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 58(3):321-342
  • Hennessy, D. and F. Dong. 2010. "The Political Economy of Food Safety in Asia, and Implications for the United States" Harvard Asian Pacific Review spring:16-19
  • Dong, F., D. Hennessy, and H. Jensen. 2010. "Contract and Exit Decisions in Finisher Hog Production" American Journal of Agricultural Economics 92(3):667-684
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  • Dong, F. and H. Jensen . "Sanitation and Hygiene Deficiencies as Contributing Factors for Contamination of Imported Foods." in M. Doyle and M. Erickson, ed. Imported Foods: Microbiological Issues and Challenges. Washington, DC: ASM Press, 2008,
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  • Dong, F.. 2006. "The Outlook for Asian Dairy Markets: The Role of Demographics, Income, and Prices" Food Policy 31(3):260-271
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