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Faculty - Dominic Parker

Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
E-Mail Address:
Telephone: (608) 262-8916
Fax: (608) 262-4376
Office Address: 413 Taylor Hall
427 Lorch StMadison, WI  53706-1513
Interests: Environmental and resource economics; property rights and legal institutions; resource booms; economics of law and development
Office Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays, 1-3:00pm
My research examines how government policies and institutions affect natural resource use and economic development. The questions include: Can the assignment of property rights to groups (rather than to individuals) reduce wasteful dissipation of natural resource rents? How do legal institutions affect access to credit and growth? What are the unintended consequences of international efforts to regulate conflict minerals emanating from Africa? How does tax policy influence land use and conservation? Why do some places apparently suffer from a "natural resource curse"?

Recent Papers & Publications

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