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Department Seminar
[Title TBA]

presented by
Lori Beaman
Department of Economics
Northwestern University

January 30, 2015
12:00PM - 1:30PM
Taylor-Hibbard Seminar Room (103)
For additional information contact:
Jean-Paul Chavas
518 Taylor Hall
(608) 261-1944
email: jchavas@wisc.edu

Fall 2014-2015 Schedule

Date Speaker and Topic
Sep 19
Federico Perali, Department of Economics
University of Verona
A Causal Analysis of Juvenile Crime in Italy
Oct 3
Daniel Bennett, University of Chicago
Learning, Hygiene, and Traditional Medicine
Oct 17
Sarah Kroeger, Department of Economics
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Assisted Reproductive Technology and Women's Choice to Pursue Professional Careers
Oct 31
John Boyce, Department of Economics
University of Calgary
Recycling Non-Renewable Resources by the Least-(Full)-Cost-First Principle
Nov 7
Prabhu Pingali, Applied Economics & Management
Cornell University
Making Agriculture Work for Nutrition: Getting Policies Right
Nov 14
Daniel Bromley, Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Wisconsin Becoming - The Careful Creation of Prosperity
Dec 5
Jay Coggins, Department of Applied Economics
University of Minnesota
Piketty's Capital in a Medieval Farming Village
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