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Spring 2014-2015 Schedule

Date Speaker and Topic
Jan 30
Lori Beaman, Department of Economics
Northwestern University
Selection into Credit Markets: Evidence from Agriculture in Mali
Feb 6
Sheila Olmstead, School of Public Affairs
University of Texas at Austin
Damming the Commons: An Empirical Analysis of International Cooperation and Conflict in Dam Location
Feb 27
Meredith Fowlie, Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics
University of California, Berkeley
Do Energy Efficiency Investments Deliver? Evidence from the Weatherization Assistance Program
Mar 13
Soren Anderson, Department of Economics
Michigan State University
Hotelling Under Pressure
Mar 20
Richard Hornbeck, Department of Economics
Harvard University
Dust Bowl Migrants: Selection and Migration Patterns of Environmental Refugees
Apr 17
Walter Thurman, Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics
North Carolina State University
Pollination Markets and Adaptation to Environmental Change
May 1
Sebastian Galiani, Department of Economics
University of Maryland
The Causal Effect of Competition on Prices and Quality: Evidence from a Field Experiment
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