Associate Professor


University of WISCONSIN, mADISON

427 Lorch St.

Madison, WI 53706






  Here is my CV.


Works in progress:

“Avoided deforestation linked to environmental registration in the Brazilian Amazon” with Lisa Rausch, Jess L’Roe, Holly K. Gibbs, and Jacob Munger, 2017


“Forest conservation effects of Brazil’s zero-deforestation agreements undermined by leakage” with Holly Gibbs, 2017


“Labor Scarcity, Land Tenure, and Historical Legacy: Evidence from Mexico” with Emily Sellars, 2016


“Tariffs and Trees: The effects of the Austro-Hungarian customs union on specialization and land use change” with Sarah Walker, Volker Radeloff, and Jacek Kozak, 2016


Journal articles:

“Parks versus PES: Evaluating Direct and Incentive-Based Land Conservation in Mexico with Katharine Sims, accepted, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2017


“Playing favorites: Tax incentives and urban growth in China: 1978-2010” with Annemarie Schneider and Na Zhao, accepted, Land Economics, 91: 1-27, 2016


“Occupations under fire: the labor market in a complex emergency” with Anne Bartlett, accepted, Oxford Economic Papers, 67(3): 687-714, 2015


“Only One Tree from Each Seed? Environmental Effectiveness and Poverty Alleviation in Programs of Payments of Ecosystem Services”with Katharine Sims and Patricia Yanez-Pagans, American Economic Journal “ Economic Policy, 7(4): 1-40, 2015


“Improving Environmental and Social Targeting through Adaptive Management in Mexico”s Payments for Hydrological Services Program “, with Katharine Sims, Elizabeth Shapiro-Garza, Leah Fine, Volker Radeloff, Glen Aronson, Selene Castillo, Carlos Ramirez-Reyes, and Patricia Yanez-Pagans, Conservation Biology, 28 (5) : 1151-1159, 2014


“Payment for Ecosystem Services from Forests” with Hendrik Wolff, Annual Review of Resource Economics, Volume 5: Doi: 10.1146/annurev-resource-100913-012524, 2014


“Inequality, Community Participation, and the Allocation of Collective Profits” with Benjamin Harris, Economics & Politics, DOI: 10.1111/ecpo.12035, 2014


“The Ecological Footprint of Poverty Alleviation: Evidence from Mexico”s Oportunidades program” with Craig McIntosh, Katharine Sims, and Jerrod Welch, Review of Economics and Statistics, 95 (2): 417-435, 2013


“The Landscape of Conflict: IDPs, aid, and land use change in Darfur” with Anne Bartlett and David Saah, Journal of Economic Geography, 13 (4): 589-617, 2013


“The Effect of Decentralized Governance on Timber Extraction in European Russia” with Kelly Wendland and David Lewis, Environmental and Resource Economics, 1-22, 2013


Forest Conservation and Slippage: Evidence from Mexico”s National Payments for Ecosystem Services Program with Elizabeth Shapiro and Katharine Sims, Land Economics, 88 (4): 613-638, 2012


“Prices, land tenure institutions, and geography: A matching analysis of farmland abandonment in post-Socialist Eastern Europe” with Tobias Kuemmerle and Volker Radeloff, Land Economics, 88 (3): 425-433, 2012


“Lessons about parks and poverty from a decade of forest loss and economic growth around Kibale National Park, Uganda” with Lisa Naughton-Treves and Colin Chapman, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 108 (34) : 13919-13924, 2011


“Displaced Populations, Humanitarian Assistance, and Hosts: a framework for analyzing impacts on semi-urban households with Anne Bartlett and David Saah, World Development 40: 373-386, 2012, published online November 2011


“The Effect of Refugee Inflows on Host Country Populations: Evidence from Tanzania” with David Saah, World Bank Economic Review 24 (1) : 148-170, 2009


“An Exploration of the Positive Effect of Inequality on Common Property Forest” Journal of Development Economics 87(1): 92-105, 2008


“The Role of Deforestation Risk and Calibrated Compensation in Designing Payments for Environmental Services” with Alain de Janvry and Elisabeth Sadoulet, “Environment and Development Economics, 13: 375-394, 2008


“A Spatial Analysis of Common Property Deforestation” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 53(2), 2007


“A Tale of Two Communities: Explaining Deforestation in Mexico” with Alain de Janvry and Elisabeth Sadoulet. World Development, 33(2), 2005


Book chapters:

“The Role of Risk in Targeting Payments for Environmental Services” in Avoided Deforestation eds. Charles Palmer and Stephanie Engel, Routledge Press, 2009


“Lessons Learned from Mexico”s Payment for Environmental Services Program” with Alain de Janvry, Elisabeth Sadoulet, and Juan Manuel Torres in Managing Environmental Services in Agricultural Landscapes eds David Zilberman, Randy Stringer, Leslie Lipper, and Takumi Sakuyama, Springer Press, 2008


“Industrial Organizations Considerations in the Management of Pesticide Resistance” with David Zilberman in The Economics of Pest Resistance Resources for the Future 2003



Evaluation of CONAFOR”s Payments for Hydrological Services Program, 2003-2010,” with Katharine Sims, Glen Aronson, Volker Radeloff, Carlos Ramirez-Reyes, Elizabeth Shapiro, and Patricia Yanez-Pagans. Policy report for the Mexican National Forestry Commission, November, 2012.


The Effect of Infrastructure on Agricultural Development” A Report for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 2007


“An Assessment of Mexico”s Payment for Environmental Services Program”with Alain de Janvry, Elisabeth Sadoulet, and Juan-Manuel Torres-Rojo A Report for the Food and Agriculture Organization, 2006